Week 11 is all about type (serifs and san-serif fonts, script and display fonts) and how to best use type as an element.  One of Cathy Z’s biggest tips is “do not put two spaces at the end of a sentence”. I know we all learned this one in high school typing class, but computers have changed all that and “know” excactly what spacing to use. I actually learned this a few years ago and although it took awile I have officially broken that habit. Since I already knew this one, I’ll share one that I’ve come to appreciate from taking this class and that is a concept called “leading”. It refers to the amount of space between the lines. It makes a big difference in readability. Her best suggestion for me is to take the point size of the font and select a leading that is double that.  Here is my homework highlighting TYPE:


week-11-sketch-2-webOnly one more week of DYL to go!