December 28: Birthday Cakes–the jello version

dec-28-webDuring dinner at the Chinese buffet, Ellie created her own version of birthday cakes with chow mein noodles and jello squares.

December 27: I can Stand (and Skate)

dec-27-webEllie has been asking to go ice skating and now that she is 4 I told her she was big enough to try. Even after putting on her skates in the lobby, she was so excited and announced, “I can stand”. I guess that is an accomplishment for some. On the ice, she did so well. She was determined to do it herself for the most part. She managed to get around the rink three times before calling it a day. She even topped off her new skills by doing the worlds slowest twirl–but she did it without falling down.

December 26: Coloring

dec-26-webThis huge “hello kitty” coloring book recieved as a Christmas present kept Ellie occupied for hours (and this is NOT typical of this girl who usually can’t stick with an activity for more than 5 minutes). She has completed many of the pages already and is using them for new wallpaper in her room.