So class “officially” ended two weeks ago, but with all the Christmas preparations and celebrations–well anyway that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it. I did get Week 10 done (only two more weeks to go). The topic: COLOR. Cathy’s biggest tip of the week was “forget science–look at your photos”. The idea behind that statement was to find four colors that appear in a photo and then narrow that down in order to find the papers and embellishments for your layout.

Here is an example using Cathy’s “Find 4” approach:

week-10-sketch-1-webI concentrated on the yellow of the slide and the brown in Ellie’s shirt.

The second example uses a triadic color scheme–that means using three hues spaced evenly around the color wheel.

week-10-sketch-2-big-webBetter get cracking on Week 11.