More photos to share.

December 22: “Snow Angel” Bird

dec-22-webThis bird hit my back window. He was gone by the time I looked out, but look what he left–a perfect imprint in the snow, complete with “snow angel” wings.

December 21: Game Day


Ok–here’s another one not taken by me. The Minnesota Viking Cheerleaders held the first ever partner dance as part of this weekends Jr. Cheerleader Camp. All of the other partners were dads, grandpas, uncles, brothers or husbands (some of the MVC are married)–except for me as you can see in this shot. It was actually fun being one of the “guys”. They all did really well–even had straight lines. And would you believe they did a kick line too?!

December 20: Northern Flicker

dec-20-webA snowy day visit outside my window by this beautiful big bird. He is a type of woodpecker and is about 1 foot long.

December 19: Tub Time

dec-19-webThis girl love to play in the tub.

December 18: Choir Concert

dec-18-webAnna’s first choir concert. She did great. It was also a band concert. The flute section performed a holiday feature.

Her favorite choir song was the “Huron Carol”:


The flute section performed the “March” from the Nutcracker: