A friend recently told me that she admires that I just figure out how to do what I want to do–just because I’ve never done it before doesn’t stop me. I wanted to make a special Christmas keepsake for the ladies I dance with on the A-Team. I knew I was good at the photography stuff, but how do I use that skill other than just giving them another picture. Here is what I came up with (good thing I’ve learned a few jewlery making skills from my daughter):

craft-ateam-web(Note to A-Team members: If you haven’t gotten yours yet–you will!)

Next I saw these neat Finnish Stars (forgive me my Norgewian ancestors) here:


So I had to try them. Of course I wasn’t satisfied with making just one–I needed 9 to decorate my windows and a few more for the stairway garland. They weren’t as difficult as I imagined and it was a great way to use up some of my scrapbooking paper stash.

craft-stars-webFinally, Ellie got into the act. She noticed that her name was up on the board we keep on the refridgerator. I explained that each Christmas our four kids get a gift for one of their siblings. So I went through the list telling her that she has her brother, Austin, this year. Right away she said, “well, who gets one for you and Daddy?”  I told her we’d love something that she made. So shh, it’s a secret!